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oh my goodness. i've been 18 for 25 hours and 20 minutes. it's weird. it feels weird. for a while i said it felt the same as yesterday, but no, it feels different. maybe it's only for now, but it's interesting. my party was fun. it was good to see those people again, some who i haven't seen in weeks. when i saw them, though, i kinda forgot that i haven't been around them everyday. i actually just realized that. it's good times. i don't think i'll ever forget those friends, and adam, i'm giving you that lamp back. i refuse to take it from you. anywho, thanks again to all of y'all who made my 18th birthday grand. it was fun and i hope to do it again. next year will be fun. my birthday will be on 06/07/08!!! like 678! isn't that cool?! yay! i need to renew my license. ugh. ok. well fun stuff. good night now.
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so grad party today was interesting. it was a bunch of family and then josh and julia. fun stuff. afterwards i went out with my cousins and josh and julia and sat at whataburger on the bay for a while before deciding to go to my house and just be lazy. we played basketball and mario party 5. now i'm waiting for 8 o'clock so i can go party with some people. it will be interesting... i feel weird about college now that i see someone actually leaving. ugh... so confusing. party party party.
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I went to TSU...

So, yesterday I wasn't at school so I could go up to TSU the day before Bobcat Day. We talked to financial aid and Residence Life people. That was interesting. I need to finish my scholarship application! UGH! Anyway, I'm pretty much accepted there and UTSA but I'm probably going to TSU. So, today was Bobcat Day and that was ok. Not insanely fun but ok. My parents were really annoying. I saw some of the residence halls and they're not too bad. Ha... before that there was a Q&A thing about living on campus and I wrote down "are the dorms as bad as they look online?" and the ghetto black girl that answered my question was like "OOOH... THIS IS A BAD QUESTION" then she talked about how the pictures don't do the rooms justice then she said "YEAH, that was a bad question..." It was funny but kinda sad at the same time. Julia was there with me. It was overall good. Not fun but good. I'm scared of college now. I wanna have fun the rest of this year 'cause I'm not gonna see the cool people I usually do anymore. It sucks that it took me four years to figure out who I really wanna be friends with and now I must leave... I hate college.
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If I were an X-Man, I'd be like Jean Grey a.k.a. Phoenix and kill everyone just 'cause they frustrate me.
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Everything's being retarded. Friends are making stupid choices about friends with their friends and other friends are getting closer and having more fun and the first friends get in the way of the second friends' fun. It's retarded. And newspaper is no better. Everyone's all stupid. Almost everyone. Just because the stupid Today Show came today, certain people put aside their feelings toward Roman and acted like they were best friends. It was retarded. People are flaky. It's stupid. Stupid flaky people! It's not fun right now.
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Apparently I can dance.

Party yesterday! It was a ton of fun. Alyssa Straight is now 18 w00t! Her party was great. There was a treasure chest and candy and pizza and balloons and pictures and DDR and dancing! Dancing was fun. We learned how to do it and people said I was good at one of the spinny ones. That's cool. Homecoming this week! I can't wait for the game Friday! I can't wait. You'll all see me dancing Saturday. Where's the dance at anyway? Zamora's a tard
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All I Have Is Nickels...

So, at work today, I was down to like two pennies and a bunch of nickels! it was so funny... if you're stephen or sabrina. I almost started laughing when I was giving some lady her change. Oh, and then another lady was ordering and she kept saying how "kind" I was and when she came back to get a refill, the girl next to me asked if she could help her and the lady said "no, I want him to help me. He's so sweet. I bet you already know that." It was great. She's my new favorite person.

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